3er Congreso Green Tijuana San Diego Verde

The Green Tijuana-San Diego Verde Environmental Conference, brings together representatives of business, industry and the academic community, presenting and discussing topics of paramount importance to the ecology of our region.

Event schedule

Keynote Speaker

Climate Change and its Impact on the Oceans | Alexandra Cousteau

October 4th, El Trompo Interactive Museum

Presented by

Grupo Caliente Ayuda
Alexandra Cousteau
Luisito Comunica

A Chat with Luisito Comunica

He’s made social networks – principally, YouTube – his medium of expression, through his independent channels, which with millions of subscribers have been a sensation among the public at large, who now also acclaim his live presentations.

October 4th, El Trompo Interactive Museum

Donation per ticket: $200 pesos
*Tickets sales start September 5

Conference Presentation

Nature Photography Experiences | Sergio Tapiro

Winner of the 2017 NatGeo Travel Photographer of the Year Contest with the photo “The Power of Nature”

October 4th, El Trompo Interactive Museum


The dynamics of our business and academically-focused workshops will provide the opportunity to disseminate tools for the benefit of our environment.

Lluvia Sólida

Solid Rain | Silos de Agua B.C.

Silos de agua - lluvia solida

A 100% Mexican-owned business, innovator in the use and application of polymers as a system of irrigation that converts water to a solid, thus reducing waste due to infiltration and evaporation.

LluviaSólida is looking to create a culture where water is valued and used efficiently in an optimized manner.

Kilometro Uno

Kilometro Uno | Orlando Anaya Valdez

KM1, founded in 2012, is a project initiated by four young Tijuana residents that organizes and carries out pro-environment activities in collaboration with various educational institutions, including monthly beach cleanups. They also present educational talks and seminars focused on environmental conservation.

World Trends in Nature Photography - Sergio Tapiro

World Trends in Nature Photography | Sergio Tapiro

Sergio Tapiro is a Mexican photographer who specializing in nature and volcano photography and one of only two Mexican photographers to be recognized in the nature category by the World Press Photo organization over its 60-year history.
Last year, Tapiro once again received worldwide recognition when National Geographic Travel named him their Photographer of the Year 2017



Yovana Mendoza, better known as Rawvana, is a 28-year-old Mexican-American who maintains a raw vegan lifestyle.

She currently has over 211,000 followers on Instagram, 13,000 on Twitter, 10,000 on YouTube and more than 140,000 on Facebook. Through these social networks, she motivates her followers to change their habits and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Environmental Fair

This is an exposition of university projects where students from both sides of the border will be presenting their environmental improvement proposals. Prizes will be awarded to the best projects at the conclusion of the event.

Are you a university student who would like to participate?

Binational Environmental Directory

A meeting that presents the vision and projects of the region’s civil and non-profit organizations, while also establishing an important digital database of environmental stakeholders.

You will have the opportunity to get to know each of the projects and interact with the organizations in a rotating program of presentations.

Binational Panel Discussions

Participating governmental agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations will discuss the importance of projects to improve the environmental condition of the Tijuana – San Diego region.

Más acciones empresariales, menor huella de carbono | 12:00 PM

Acuerdo París: Dos gobiernos, una región sustentable | 1:30 PM

Visión de las sociedades civiles por una región sustentable | 10:30 PM

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Icono - Tijuana Verde

Tijuana Verde

Green Tijuana – San Diego Verde

“The most important environmental conference in northwestern Mexico.”

October 4, 2017, El Trompo Interactive Museum, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

From its inception, Tijuana Innovadora has promoted environmental stewardship and now, after seven years of supporting the community in numerous areas, Tijuana Innovadora announces the third edition of its Environmental Conference, the most important of its type in the Californias.

Tijuana Verde represents the efforts of Tijuana Innovadora born out of our major 2010 event, and just as a number of our other initiatives focused on bettering our community, this operational sphere as yielded important achievements since its official launch in 2010.

We work to promote environmental care, increase understanding of environmental issues relating to the Tijuana-San Diego Binational Megaregion, one of the busiest in the world.

The Green Tijuana-San Diego Verde Environmental Conference, brings together representatives of business, industry and the academic community, presenting and discussing topics of paramount importance to the ecology of our region.


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