¿De que se trata Tijuana Innovadora?

Tijuana Innovadora A.C. surge después de un evento realizado en el año 2010 bajo el objetivo de mostrar las fortalezas de la ciudad, transformándose en un esfuerzo colectivo que abrió un sinfín de oportunidades y propuestas comunitarias para promover las virtudes de la ciudad, sus talentos, vocaciones y pasiones.

Con una constancia sin precedentes, el movimiento es hoy un detonante de iniciativas en la región, una plataforma ciudadana que integra propuestas creativas para la innovación social (innovación creativa) para elevar la calidad de vida de los tijuanenses.

Created in 2011, the Tijuana Innovadora Binational Committee worked with a group regional stakeholders to propose and explore different ideas and strategies to re-establish the San Diego-Tijuana relationship.

In 2013 the division of Binational Affairs was established to work year-round on cross-border collaboration thru Tijuana Innovadora’s projects, highlighting the immeasurable regional opportunities for building stronger communities and establishing partnerships driven by collaboration, innovation and ideas shared across the border.

For more information contact:
Laura E. Araujo
Director of Binational Affairs


Two Countries, One Region, Unlimited Opportunities

San Diego Advisory Council

Malin Burnham
Chairman of the TI Advisory Council
Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield

Marcela Celorio Mancera
Special Advisor
Consul General of Mexico in San Diego

Fréderic Fournier
Special Advisor
Consul of Canadá in San Diego

Jeffrey Davidow
Ambassador, The Cohen Group

Jamal Khokhar
Ambassador, Institute of Americas

David Alvarez
Councilmember, City of San Diego

Mark Cafferty
President & CEO, San Diego Regional EDC

James Clark
Executive Director, California/Bajio Associates

Gustavo de la Fuente
Executive Director, SD-TJ Smart Border Coalition

Jim Fitzpatrick
CEO and Publisher, San Diego Magazine

Lidia S. Martinez
Community Affairs, Southwest Airlines

Denise Moreno D.
Former Senator of CA, Senior Advisor UCSD US-MEX Studies

Bob Morris
Principal, RBM & Associates

Bennet Peji
Director of Marketing, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Rudy Ramirez
Former Councilmember, City of Chula Vista

Jerry Sanders
President and CEO, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mary Walshok
Associate Vice Chancellor & Chancellor of Extensions, UCSD

Bob Watkins
Board Member, CALIBAJA Megaregion

Steve Williams
Principal, SENTRE Partners

Christopher Yanov
President, Reality Changers

The Movement

Binational Activities 2018

Our Allies


One of the main objectives for “Casa de las Ideas” is to train our next agents of change, who will lead and positively influence the social reconstruction of our Camino Verde community in Tijuana, BC. In this space we program courses and workshops that encourage young people towards a healthy life, looking forward their own future and posibilites with a competitive and positive vision.

TI Sport promotes teamwork and healthy competition, aiming on common values and the development of children and young people, turning them into sports leaders that work for their community, influencing others to look for their own well-being and better life for themselves, their families and community.

The Walk of Fame brings awareness to the work and achievements of talents either born or adopted by our city, this idea is made possible by revealing their own success stories, civic actions, personal trajectory and proposals for the community, showing a brighter and better side of Tijuana. This effort comes to life in a gala presentation accompanied by an itinerant exhibition of well-selected portraits. The exhibit can be set on different locations of the city.

Tijuana Verde focuses on developing programs that help improve our environment and the quality of local ecosystems. Our programs are based on creating conscious and bring awareness of the risks of not being responsible by not acting in favor of our regional environmental. To make this happen, Tijuana Verde brings together the active participation of the entire community, NGO’s (non governmental organizations), companies & industrial sector, plus the collaboration of local authorities. These actions are dealt upon keynote speakers, workshops and discussions forums that allow us to reflect & analyze alternative solutions for our own environmental concerns.

TI Talks looks to create various forums of expression upon different topics that interest children, young boys & girls and adults. These topics must consider having positive ideas that speak about common good, community effort and collaboration with advisory on bringing up communities by its own people’s merit.

“Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” Plato

Children and young people is our focus when formation comes to hand. Throughout orchestral work and collaboration we develop their musical abilities, generating in them a sense of belonging, collaborative activity, social participation, well being and personal satisfaction by interpreting great composers masterpieces.

Tijuana Innovadora’s “Art in the Industry”, promotes the encounter between industrial workers and art in their own working space & buildings. By allowing workers to have access on artistic presentations & exhibitions free of charge, having a positive impact in their work environment and their personal beings.

We contribute on the formation of our young boys & girls, promoting their leadership and social solidarity, stimulating them to participate actively in their community, helping to build a better Tijuana in partnership with educational institutions of middle and higher level, civil associations and governments.

InnovaModa brings together the work of designers, tailors, models and image specialists, who share their talents in collaboration and create new ideas, strengthening the local and regional economy through fashion, helping Tijuana to become the next fashion capital in México.